VII. kerület, Wesselényi utca 61.

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George Riemer
2014. február 19., szerda

My family and myself were in the "Csilagos haz", Wesselenyi utca 61 in 1944. We were cramped in a small apartment on the second floor with two other families. We were five of us, I was only 10 years old and it was very difficult and suffering for all of us. My father was only able to work on selected days and we just hardly made it. On October 19th the Arrow Cross thugs took my father and that was the day when I saw my beloved father the last time. He was killed by the Arrow Cross. On November 1st with the help of my late uncle who worked in the Swedish Embassy we were able to escape and my younger brother and I were placed in a "safe house" in Lonyai utca 9, which house had Swedish protection. My mother and older sister were placed in a Catholic Convert which was also "protected" by the Swedish Embassy. Raul Wallenberg was the hero and I vividly recall that one day in November Raul Wallenberg personally came to save us from the Arrow Cross thugs. Mid December 1944 we had to escape from the "safe house" because the most horrible Arrow Cross thugs wanted to take us. My mother felt that we should walk to the Ghetto. While we walked in the city the Arrow Cross members stopped us and transported us to one of their "Terror House" which was on Andrassy ut 47 (near the Octogon). The Arrow Cross Thugs were the most primitive murderers and as a 10 year old I saw just killing, blood and the worst human suffering. After almost 70 years I'm still suffering from that unbelievable experience!


From Andrassy Ut 61 in early January, 1945 the Arrow Cross were taking us to the Danube for execution but the leading Arrow Cross member was drunk and the older people in the group convinced the Arrow Cross guy (Nyilas) to walk us into the Ghetto. January 18, 1945 the Russians liberated the Ghetto and we were the few lucky survivors. During the Holocaust (Veszkorszak) I lost 17 of my immediate family, my father, older brothers, aunts, uncles and several cousins. I told this sad story to several young and older people, both Jews and Gentiles. The entire world must forever remember for the Holocaust in the memory of the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis. (Although "New Nazis", the "New Arrow Cross" in Hungary, Iran and other Thugs are claiming that the "Holocaust is a myth"....... This is the main reason that Israel must be very important for every Jewish person and for Gentiles as well.